The Chief Executive Officer of SG Mobile Clinic has urged natives of the Northern Ghana Belt to Return home and help people in their communities, he referred to the ideology that villager will kill an indegines on his return home as superstition that can’t be proven.

Your Village People do not wish you dead.
Dear young men/women,
Once we leave the village to the city, let’s remember that we left a few colleagues behind at the village.
They are looking up to us.
The least they wish on us is to see us fail, let alone to see us loss our lifes.
Many of us have developed the illusion of thinking that our village people wish us dead. Especially those of us doing well in the cities.
Far from it, many of the village folks look up to us for inspiration/motivation.

Frankly, if from amongst them, and in the middle of “our shared challenges”, we got the favor of God to be blessed, it speaks in volumes to many of the youth.

I have developed the habit of driving periodically to my village (Ga, Upper West, Ghana) not to show off, or to annoy my “village witches”, but to inspire the youth.

My message is simply “If I could, they too can”.

D£ £nd…..👌🏽

Source: Latif Mumuni

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