Mr. Ahmed Mustapha is the Upper West Regional Director of NADMO

Upper West Regional Director of National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO), Mr. Ahmed Mustapha has stated that the Lightning at Serekpere was a scientific problem that had to do with electric shock from Lightning as a result of some metalic hardware in possession of the victims.

He added that the basins and Cooking Pots that were being traded by the victims were very good conductors of electricity, he continued that the lighting could have shocked the victims dead and not necessarily the fact that a spirit had resulted in their death. He Advocated for Residents to desist from holding metalic basins and and other good conductors of electricity in the open when rain accompanies lightning.

Mr. Ahmed Mustapha also indicated that his Organization had sensitized People in several parts of Upper West on such disasters after they undertook a research with Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), he mentioned districts Including Wa East, Wa West, Wa Municipality, Nadowli-Kaleo, Sissala West, Sissala East, Jirapa, Lawra with the exception of Nandom and Lambussie District.


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