A Society Elder within Kambali has reflected back on an incident of lightning taking the life of a man over a failed covenant.

According to Mr. Hamidu, the family of the Victim went into a spiritual agreement with a god of rain sometime back, they failed to fulfill the agreement and as a result the lightning struck the Victim dead at Wa-Sombo, he sited that as another reason lightning kills people.

“There are some people who go into covenant on behalf of others, it’s mostly something Traditional, if one goes into such spiritual agreement without fulfilling the promise, it can happen to you, there was an instance 2years ago when lightning killed a man in Sombo, the issue occured because his grandfather took some oaths without following due processes, this resulted in the man’s death”.

Checks by Upperwestmedia Team proves the deceased was a Headmaster of a school in Wa West.

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