Plant of Life

This Plants are mostly found close to waterlock areas in the Upper West Region.

The plant is endangered and needs to be protected. It has several significance but the few revealed by a herbal expert in Wa Kpaguri has made the following obvious:

Firstly, it treats skin rashes and itches, the plant can be boiled and the herbal mixture consumed into the body, it can also be used for bathing at same time drinking for the results to be timely, people with monkey pox or chicken pox can also use the the plant.

Lastly, it’s used to deworm the stomach and clean it, mostly we eat and take in lots of foods without deworming, this has consequences on how food digests and how our system reacts to some medications we take, when one has a stomach full of impurities, food doesn’t digest properly resulting in bloated stomach, it also Results in constipation and other stomach upsets.

One can boil the leaves and use them as dewormers. An elder revealed that trees have Spiritual sensitivity and it’s obvious according to him why herbal medicines hardly work effectively, when you sell them with the intention to amass wealth they fail to perform their function, it’s not adviseable using herbal medicine to amass wealth.


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