A Man Said This Banku is too Expensive

A Man within the Wa Municipality has gone wild over the size of a ball of Banku in the Municipality.

In a video he recorded without his picture and face,he was overhead in the faceless video blaming some Residents for the development, he added that several people have taken Residents for a ride and as a result increase prices to amass excess profits whilst consumers suffer.

“Oh, so is this Banku equivalent to Ghc2, let’s be honest, you’ll just eat it once and that ends it, even if a bowl of corn is Ghc2 but this ball of Banku is too small, a bowl of corn can produce 30 of this, things in Wa are too expensive compared to other parts of Ghana, food, building materials and others ahba!, Imagine the distance of Bolga, yet things are cheaper in Bolga compared to Wa, image when Corona was here with us, Residents used to hide sanitizers, if people should die who will buy your products, why are you so wicked, let’s be careful, remember there is judgement..”

Inflation in Upper West is the Highest Amongst the 5 Regions Within the Northern Belt.

Video uploaded on our YouTube Channel.

Source: Upperwestmedia.net

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