Most of Us use Cement for Daily Construction works without considering the meaning of 32.5R or 43.5R printed on packaging Materials of such cement Products.

One important thing we should know as Residents of Upper West Region is that those indications are there based on what such a cement product is produced to be used for.

42.5R is more resistant to weather conditions such as cold weather and can mix well with  most types of sandy soils in our geographical area, in other instances, it can also be used to mould more blocks and be used for concrete works due to its high compactible strength.

For moulding blocks, one can use 42.5R to mould 30 blocks and still have some level of resilience in them.


This type of cement is used for minor works such as fixing tiles in your room, they can be used to mould blocks but the best number one should be thinking is 20-22 blocks, anything above that will mean compromising on quality.

32.5R can also be used to for plastering walls, Working floors, it’s not adviseable to use 32.5R for Concrete works or moulding too many blocks such as 25 and above number of blocks.

Construction is an investment and it would be risky to use the wrong type of product for the project.

Research by Building Technology Students of Dr. Hilla Limann Technical University (2014-2017) and Upper West Media Team.


Source: Upperwestmedia.net

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