A new study on nearly 200 consumer products and food samples across four regions in Ghana has revealed worrying levels of lead contamination in the popular metal cookware, ‘dades3n’.

The Global Rapid Market screening study which happens to be the largest of its kind highlights alarming levels of lead in consumer goods and food produced in low and middle income countries including Ghana with far reaching global consequences.

The study conducted by the environmental NGO, Pure Earth’s Blacksmith Initiative revealed that there are high levels of lead contamination in the following: Metal cookware (Dades3n) has 55%, ceramic cookware has 18%, toys for kids has 14%, and cosmetics (local mascara) has 7% of lead.

Consumer prices in the US rose by more than expected last month, driven by higher costs for rent and fuel.

The inflation rate, which measures the pace of price rises, was 3.7% over the 12 months to August, the Labor Department said, up from 3.2% in July.

The figures underscore the challenges facing officials trying to stabilize prices, which soared last year at the fastest pace in decades.

The inflation rate has dropped significantly from its peak last year.

But analysts said the US central bank, which aims to keep inflation at 2%, is likely to remain worried that the problem has not been resolved.

Source: Issac Effah/0541404289

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