Cooking could be interesting I’m married homes if the menu is one that keeps the family healthy, in the African Setting we are gradually throwing our culture away for foreign eating habits, a development that will go a long way to affect us if care is not taken, at least Ghc100 million is spend on importing frozen chicken into the country, we don’t even know how it’s processed, why not just go to a poultry farm to buy it.

According to Nutritionists, it’s important for each food we eat to contain a significant level of balanced diet.

The table below is one of the prodigious and healthy diet table for the week any African Traditional family can use to keep the house healthy and balanced.

Monday – Morning – Porridge (Kokoo with Kaakolo) Afternoon Koosee with Janjaga Evening – T.Z with Zevaare

Tuesday – Morning – Teakonjie Afternoon – Beans with Gari Evening – Banku and Okro Soup

Wednesday – Morning – Kokooo with Bread Afternoon – Banbara Beans(Simbie) Evening – Rice Balls with Groundnut

Thursday – Morning – Tea with Bread Afternoon Banku with Groundnut Soup – Evening TZ with Dry Okra Soup (Mankuoni)

Friday – Morning- Tea with Paanuu(Bread) Afternoon – Yam with Groundnut – Evening – Fufu and Abɛ Ziɛri

Saturday – Morning – Porridge (Kokoo) Afternoon – Rice and Beans – Evening TZ with Maani Zieri (Okra Soup)

Sunday – Morning – Porridge with Groundnut Afternoon – T.Z with Jɔjɔ

These are some of the Popular Foods in the Upper West Region.


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