Growing up as a community girl from a cultural setting, I took traditional values critical because my mother preached strongly in favor of them and hammered on the consequences of going against such values and principles.

I got married to a man from a Community Close to Lawra, before the marriage, there were some agitations against me as the choice of their son in the family, my husband’s mom had someone in mind, the lady was to be brought from Babile to settle with him, he opposed the decision as an adult though his sister was fully in Support of it.

I was constantly being harassed in my husband’s house, they find faults in what ever I do, when I cook, they either complain the salt is too much or there is too much pepper, when I wash they find stains, when I sweep they still see particles but who am I to Complain.

My partner became worried but on the normal grounds we all know he can’t quickly choose me over his family, as a result, he sided with them sometimes, this was because his sister paid his school fees.

In 2018, my husband got an appointment from the Ghana Health service as a Nurse and was Posted to a Health Center in Wa, this compelled him to move from Lawra to stay in Wa leaving me behind in Lawra, he assured that there were plans on the way to move me from Lawra to Wa, He told me he would discuss that with his parents after which I will join him in Wa.

He Contacted his Mother and Discussed the Development with her, his mother discussed the premeditations with his sister and they resisted the idea, my husband told me his sister suggested their mother was aging and as a result I should stay behind as a wife and cook for her, they added that I should wash and nurse her as my mother in-Law.

My husband resisted the idea and Informed his sister to take up that responsibility since the aged woman was also her mother, this resulted in grudges after my husband moved me from Lawra to Wa.

His sister took up the responsibility to take care of her mom in my absence. At some point my husband was compelled to send money weekly for his mother’s Upkeep, this was really draining us up but I had no option because it’s his mother so I supported him with part of my income I was receiving from a food produce business he established for me from a loan he took. At a point, his sister called him and told him his mother requested to visit his son for some time, she visited and after a week she declined to return, who are we to ask when she would be returning to Lawra, so we kept mute, three weeks passed, his mother stayed and planned staying for more days, at a point his sister also informed us of her plans to visit, she came down and also promised to stay for a week but weeks went by and no response, at a point my husband asked when they would be going back. This didn’t go down well with my sister-In-Law, she begun complaining ‘so it has gotten to this, we can no longer stay in your house in peace, I’m sure it’s that your overcontroling wife that is trying to send us parking but she can’t, we are not leaving, she will rather leave”..

I overheard the statements and was so sad, I was accused wrongly, can’t I have peace in My Husband’s House anymore? Why would they all run to where we want to have some quiet married life, at a point I saw it to be one of the setbacks that I had to manage.

One night I sat on bed with my husband and we took a decision, he suggested it would be a good idea if we sort for solutions for his sister’s  Predicaments by atleast getting a man of God to assess her situation, if possible pray for her to get a suitor, my husband believed if his sister was able to get a suitor, everything would be fine, he contacted a Friend and discussed the issue with him, his friend agreed to take us to a powerful man of God close to Wa Deaf, we went there and he looked into my sister’s future, he told us to come the next day after he had prayed over it, he told us the next day would be best time to talk to us, so I went back there with my husband and we were told my sister in-Law’s case started way back in Senior High School, According to the Man of God, my sister in-Law was sharing a boyfriend with a very demonic girl who resorted to turning her ‘face around’, the pastor continued that, that colleague of her’s did that in order to make her look ugly in the face of men, as a result she would have difficulty in getting married.

He told us it could be resolved since she didn’t offend her colleague.

My Husband and I returned home after he(Pastor) revealed the Development, he called his sister for a one on one meeting and revealed the issue to her, she became shocked after receiving the news, she asked how his brother got to know all that and a result, he Revealed to her about that man of God and they went to meet him, he showed some Spiritual means through which they could resolve it. He also asked my sister in-Law to fast for some days and carryout some donations to some orphans.

She did what the man of God said, in a few weeks time, a boyfriend that had Abandoned her 6 months in the past, called her and started begging to come back, he expressed remorse and said he didn’t know what came over him, she discussed it with her brother and they went to the Man of God to draw his attention to the Development, he told my sister in-Law those were the signs God accepted her prayers, the pastor urged my sister in-Law to accept him back, she did and they fixed a date to get married, she left my house afterwards leaving her mom Behind, we took care of my mother in-Law in her absence.

She got married and left my home, we both became happy in our Marriages.


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