Lassia Tuolu

Naa Joseph Adams Sumbamana has been enskinned as the divisional chief of the Lassia-Tuolu Traditional Area under the Wechiau Paramountcy.

The outdooring, held on Thursday, April 27, 2023, at Lassie-Bile community, was attended by over 17 divisional and sub-divisional chiefs of the Wechiau paramountcy.

Speaking at the ceremony in Lassia-Bile, Naa Seidu Iddrisu, on behalf of Vieri Naa, said urged the sub-divisions chiefs and the people of the Lassia traditional area to collaborate with Naa Joseph Sumbamana to work effectively and efficiently with the paramount chief of Wechiau to develop the area.

Naa Sumbamana, the newly enskinned chief, has expressed his profound gratitude to the paramount chief of Wechiau and the people of Lassia-Tuolu for electing him as the divisional chief of the Lassia Traditional area.

Naa Sumbamana, thus, mentioned some of the developmental challenges he has already from his traditional area and called on government and benevolent organizations to support the development of the area which includes poor roads network from Lassia-Kendeu road, lack of a chief palace and health facility in the community and among others.

Some of the chiefs who gave their goodwill messages advised the new chief to instil unity, peace and harmony using his paramountcy.

Source: Info Radio

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