Upper West Regional Minister, Dr. Bin Salih Hafiz

A Coalition within the National Democratic Congress (NDC) by name SoMNET has issued a Statement to the Upper West Regional Minister and NPP Upper West Regional Executives giving them questions to delve into in order to address growing political instability they described as a hindrance to the Region’s development.


What’s the fight in town? Upper West NPP Regional Executives in lock horns with the Regional Minister on who to keep and control the President’s visit budget? What’s the President coming for?

It is sad to listen and read about the fight within the NPP in the Upper West Region on who to keep the President visit purse. But meaningful and discerning indegenes of Wa and the Upper West Region are worried and are asking to know, what benefit it is to the suffering masses of the Region if not another routine wastage of our taxes.

Dr. Bin Salih Hafiz
Hon. Tahiru Issahaku Moomin
Oldman Hon. SB Kangberee etc…

SoMnet and the good people of Wa, want to know why our streets are still dark and dangerous, has the president been briefed that picketing and preventable accidents are taking lives and property day in day out due to the darkness and terrible nature of our streets in the night as a result of malfunctioning streetlights in the Municipality?

The good people of Wa want to know, what has happened to the supposed contract to raise a FENCE WALL around The WA ISLAMIC GIRLS SHS of which the President out of pretence said he was shocked to see the school unfenced on his last visit to Wa. Is been over 2years now and still no work or sign of work is seen around the school.

My respected brother Awudu Ishaq and the good people of Jonga want to know whether the slogan ‘Year of Roads’ in the singers lips for the past 4years today is just noise and political talk? Because the Wa-Jonga road is an eyesore!

Should we mention The Wa-Charia, Wa-Charingu roads again? Are our leaders and their government blind and adamant before the suffering of the good people of Charia and Charingu stretches?

My brother afar Ayamga Bawa Fatawu and the entire region points to The Most Regrettable Stretch of Road to ply through in Ghana, The Wa-Hain-Tumu-Navrongo – Bolgatanga road. Dimajan towards Bolgatanga section of the road was cut off two years ago and the Minister of Roads and Highways Amoako Atta came down and promised to fixed it, to the dismay of many, shoddy work was done and 2weeks ago, trucks has been stacked on this stretch. Aside Nana Addo government, the Wa-Tumu-Bolga road is our second problem.

My honest brother Saeed Fatawu and the youth of Wa want to know the faith of the only visible project in the Wa Municipality – The GH¢7M project that was to be completed in 9months after its sod cutting ceremony was graced in May 2018, over 5years today – The YOUTH RESOURCE CENTRE.

For the WA SPORTS STADIUM, all glory to the 3rd gentleman of our land Hon Alban S.K. Bagbin, speaker of Ghana’s parliament for goven a touch on the VIP stand and scoreboard at the time the place was left to nature destruction and passage of time without any attention for maintenance by these appointees and party leaders in the Municipality. Yet still, the popular stand is in a tattered state as shown in the pictures. But I heard from a reliable source that the Hon. Speaker SK. BAGBIN is taking up the fixing of that one too. God bless him abundantly!.

Hmmmmm my dear LAWRA PEOPLE, least talked about the DIKPER BRIDGE, the better. The same bridge that a month to two before the 2020 general elections, President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, Hon. Anthony Abayifaa Karbo then MP with their entourage wasted our taxes and flew here with uncounted V8s to cut sod for the construction of this bridge, least do we know it was another trap to win the 2020 elections, a great deception and disrespect to the elders and good people of the Lawra Constituency, and till date, the much talked about DIKPER BRIDGE is still a ‘white elephant’ leaving the people to their own suffering!.

Now, did I hear he is coming to commission one of the John Dramani Mahama ‘s Renewable Power Projects? Or my people don’t know that the project is an NDC project, an extension of the Navarango own..? It is a 22.8million loan project that supposed to cover Jirapa, Lawra and Kaleo. But there were issues of land in the case of Jirapa. The Environmental Assessment was done by VRA in 2013. Funds were secured by the NDC before we left power in 2016!.

The Government and it’s party NPP has terribly failed us. Corruption, nepotism, family and friends looting and sharing has swallowed our dear country. ‘The gate to Africa – Ghana’has become the worst in the world not just Africa – Dr. Kwame Nkrumah and our Forefathers must be pained in their graves.


Source: Upperwestmedia.net

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