Fufu Machine

Fufu is a carbohydrate concentated food with significant level of glucose or starch that gives energy to an individual to work, though we mostly take Fufu at the Wrong time, it serves as a source of Energy for the game between Mr. And Misses at Home.

Previously, Manpower was what people resorted to in order to process fufu, it took at least 45 minutes to properly pound fufu till the fufu machine was introduced.

We have machines that depend on Petrol whilst others depend on electricity.

Today’s Machine depends on none of the energy above, it’s bringing us back to manpower but this time around, the simplest method that requires the use of one’s leg and not hands.

A Pivot was created and an igneous rock was shaped in the form of pistil, the mortar was also made from rocks.

Fufu also known as Pounded Yam is produced from Yam mixed with Water.

It can be eaten with groundnut soup, Palm Nut Soup, Light Soup etc.

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