Mr. Anamaale Umar Karbo, Youth Organizer for Lawra

An NPP Constituency Youth Organizer responsible for Lawra, Mr. Anamaale Umar Karbo has advocated against party ‘boys’ exchanging foul words in social media banters in oder to defend their preferred candidates.

He urged party leaders to call the foot soldiers to order.

KARBO Writes….

The race into the NPP
Regional Executives Elections
gets heated with each passing day and I have observed keenly with outer
dismay the kind of impunity with which some youths of Our party goes about with their campaigns on social
media in their quest to show their support for their preferred candidates. It is somewhat alien to the politics of the NPP for anyone to be engaged in the politics of tribal and religious bigotry when that is against the
tenants of our Constituency and the tradition we believe in.
For the avoidance of doubt, the NPP as a political party in it’s formative days drew people from all walks of
life devoid of tribal, religious,
gender and skin complexion
sentiments and today we can
all boost of such a strong and
very vibrant tradition.

As a known fact, two candidates in the race for the upper west Regional chairmanship stands tall as they were both in the last Elections with the incumbent emerging as winner. But with the turn of events and the radical change with which most Constituency Executives lost their positions to new
candidates across the region, this to some extent has informed most party admirers of a similar situation likely to
occur in the upcoming Regional Elections. Chairman S.B. Kangberee in
the last Elections emerged as winner over his other compatriots including Alhaji Toyiba Mahama aka Alhaji
Zam Zam. As the build up to the Regional Elections draws nearer, some supporters of these two personalities may be seen on social media engaged in very reckless, dangerous and highly divisive ways of politicking whiles their candidates watch on.

This for me is very worrying as the politics of tribalism and religious bigotry would rather divide us instead of uniting us. I would therefore wish to call on all youths of our party supporting their candidates to do so devoid of any such reckless and divisive approaches of selling your

Tell us delegates why your
preferred candidate should be given the mandate to lead and trust us to make the right choices for the growth of our party. But let me also hasten
to add that, certain critical questions would be asked in the process as some campaign promises were
made in the past Elections
including, increasing the NPP
seats in the region, the building of an ultra modern Regional office complex,
building of Constituency offices, allowances to party Executives, and most of it all, uniting the party base among others.

Now what is the state of above mentioned promises and what could be different this time round ?? Food for thought!

I however would want to wish all the aspirants in the upcoming elections well and may the best win in the
interest of our party.

Long live the NPP!








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