S.B Kangberee has filed for Reelection

An NPP communication Team Member for Lawra Constituency has urged The Incumbent Chairman not to avoid the Lawra Constituency in his campaign tour, the communicator has alleged that the NPP Regional Chairman is avoiding the constituency at all cost.


Someone should inform S.B Kangberee that Lawra is still one of the Constituency’s in the Upper West Region and have 17 delegates that will be voting in the upcoming elections.

His long silence in Lawra has become too loud that even the dead can hear. Almost all others have come to engage with the delegates but he’s yet to register his presence in the Constituency.

Could it be that he doesn’t need the votes of the Lawra delegates? Those that he referred to as “hypocrites, cheaters, lies and greedy people” during his last visit to the Constituency.
Could it also be the case that his deeds are those preventing him from stepping foot in Lawra?? The evil that men do, lives with them. Says the wise one!

Karma, a real bitch!🤣🤣🤣🤣


It is alleged that the Former MP for Lawra Constituency, Hon. Anthony Karbo had opted for Dr. Hafiz Bin Salih as his choice for Chairmanship position in 2018 but his choice lost, as a result the parliamentary candidate and Regional Chairman were not in good terms, this continued till the Former MP Mr. Anthony Karbo organized his own team to oust Chairman Mohammed Donkor and replaced him with Mr. Kuunifaa Kennedy. Chairman Donkor was a sympathizer of the Kangberee team.

Can Lawra alone determine the Success of Kangberee? That’s a story for the Political gods.

Source: Upperaestmedia.net

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