Upper West Regional NPP Executives


The Upper West Regional Executives of the New Patriotic Party(NPP) have taken a decision to absent themselves from activities involving the President’s Visit to Upper West Region on Sunday.

A Press Statement was read by Dr. Tanko Daniel Dauda, the NPP Upper West Regional Secretary at Upland Hotel today 17th August 2022.

“The Decision that was arrived at unanimously by the Regional Executives committee at a meeting held today, this decision has to do with Behavior of Our Regional Minister Hon. Hafiz Bin Salih towards the executives of the Party in the Region, the recent issue that has necessitated this press statement has to do with the president’s visit to the Region which the Minister has decided to put the Organization of the even in his armpit under the pretext that the event is not political, the Minister in his usual hide and seek behavior has refused to engage us in the Organization of the event, in an attempt to meet the Minister for Information concerning the president his excellency’s visit so that we can make inputs, a regional Executives meeting was convened and the Minister in his usual clandestine way refused to attend the meeting, it was brought to the attention of the Meeting that the Minister had decided to engage some other people including regional and constituency executives to Executive his agenda and that is why he has refused to engage or Consult the party Regional Executives in the arrangements leading to the visit of his exellency the President.
We are therefore by this advising all party members to stay away from any activity that has to do with the visit of his exellency the president, the Minister has indicated that the visit of the President is official and not political and that Explains the treatment he is giving to party executives, in conclusion, the regional Executives committee has decided that since the Minster says the visit is not political and all his actions shows same, party members are advices to stay away and allow the Minister and his officials to carryout their official visit, we thank you all for the time and thank you all for coming”.

The President shall he in the Upper West Region as part of his Northern Belt tour on Sunday 21st of August 2022.

Source: Upperwestmedia.net

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