Shea Butter

The Sissala West and East have lost over 23,000 Shea trees in 10 years to Charcoal Business, these trees have not been replaced and as a result, climate change in the negative aspect is impending.

Less rainfall and more heat is Expected in Sissala West as time goes by, several stakeholders are worried with some suggesting skills training programs in Tech, food producing and engineering could go a long way to help Residents of the Community in order to divert their minds from such.

Shea Trees in Upper West

According to Kuoro Osman Diewia Nankpa III,

“This is an unacceptable situation, to say the least. Pls let Gwollu Kuoru know of this unfortunate situation, so that he can summon Kunkorgu & Kusali Kuoro immediately. This this thing must stop!”

Where are our authorities in the Sissala West ??

Traditional rulers; chiefs, Forestry Commission, EPA, Assembly members, the Sissala West District Assembly, the DCE, the police etc

All our economic trees including Shea and Dawadawa are perishing all in the name of charcoal in the hands of bad individuals in the Sissala West District of the Upper West Region

The location of this environment havoc is between Gwollu and Kunkorgu.


Suallah Ahmed Batoewiah

“This barbaric behavior of we the sisaala should be abolished. It is tontomous to taking a humanity life. The authorities should do something about it. Or else?”

Haruna Dimah Jettele

“Hmmmm Mubaric Mystic ignorance is killing us here in the sissala land, it is very difficult for you to explain to them to stop this, they rather see it as a source of income and hence they do not care about the ripple effects.”

Amos Basembensor

“I believe this wasn’t done in a closed pit but an open space? I can imagine how this happened around this particular location.”

Source: and Gwollu FM

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