Price of Petrol has Skyrocketed in Upper West Region

Price of both petrol and diesel have shot up in June’s Pricing Window and some shell stations have updated their Machines.

Checks at some shell stations in Wa and the Nadowli-Kaleo District have confirmed that prices have exceeded Ghc10 from previous Ghc9.5 at some pumps.

Total currently sells Petrol at 10.10 whilst diesel goes for Ghc12.40,
Goil has maintained its price at Ghc9.8 for Petrol and Ghc11 for diesel.
Frimps on the Bamahu-Kumasi road has increased price of petrol to Ghc10 whilst diesel goes for Ghc11. Amadaway on Wa-Kambali Road has maintained price of Petrol at Ghc9.55 whilst diesel goes for Ghc11.

Zen has maintained price of petrol at Ghc9.55 whilst Diesel goes for Ghc11

Petrosol shell stations in Wa and Nadowli have priced petrol between Ghc9.6-9.7 at several of their stations whilst Diesel is maintained at Ghc11.

Excel has stabilized their price with Petrol going for Ghc9.5 whilst diesel goes for Ghc9.99.

Meanwhile total has increased prices of oil products by over 39%.

Engine Oil(9000 Future) which was sold at Ghc55 currently goes for Ghc75 whilst 1litre of Motorbike oil which used to go for Ghc34 currently goes for Ghc46. Other New Prices form Total:

R/S 20L – Ghc670
R/44 4L – Ghc152
R/S 4L – Ghc140
4×4 4L – Ghc168
7000 4L – Ghc198
9000 4L – Ghc230
G3 – Ghc43
A3 – Ghc43
EP90 – Ghc34
EP – Ghc36
ATX 1L – Ghc60


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