Police in Wa

Dear Admin, Earlier in February, I engaged in an online business that took up to Ghc500 of my money, the Business by name Super Tesla was introduced to me by a friend who assured that I would be earning daily if only I invest at least Ghc75 and at most Ghc10,000.

I invested Ghc500 for the start and was to earn Ghc3,880 in 6 Months this impressed me and as a result I fully partook with the no risk no reward perception in mind.

I sent the money to a mobile money account with name “NAAK VENTURES”. The site went down on the 6th of February 2023 and has since not been restored.

I took steps to get my money back and this was what I did.

Firstly, I went to MTN Office and reported to a teller. I didn’t call 100.
After reporting to a teller she requested for the date I carried out the transaction and my phone number, I gave out the date and the phone number, she worked on the issue and this was the message I received.

“Y’ello Valued customer, the transfer of GHS 500.00 to 233549082944 has been withheld and is pending reversal within 15 days. Thank you.”

In a few days time I was given my money back after Investigations were carried out.

“Y’ello Valued Customer, the transfer of GHS 500.00 to NAAK VENTURES A has been reversed on 2023-02-16 17:25:36…..”

I’m Glad MTN Ghana was able to reverse my transaction, Thanks to MTN Ghana you’re indeed a network of Choice.

Source: Upperwestmedia.net

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