Award Winning Artiste from Wa but currently in Dubai has launched his new fashion business house in Wa.

Several people were at the Occasion to Grace it on Sunday, 23rd October 2022. 5% Discount has been placed on all materials in the fashion house nicknamed ‘Dondoli Dubai’.

Upperwestmedia Team has interviewed the Artiste and this is what he has to say about his investments in Wa Municipality.


3 Questions
1. What triggered the decision to establish the fashion house in Wa?

2. How much was invested into the Business?

3. Are you thinking of Extending to other districts and Regions? If yes Where?

Response in Order to Questions

1. Fashion has been part of me since childhood, and I always want to look good anywhere i found my self.
One day I went to one woman’s office in Accra with a clothe I bought in one of our boutiques the moment she saw me she was like awww do u also wear same same ?
So asked her What’s same same she said what clothe, though it was all jokes though.
I just want be part of our fashion world to also add uniqueness Into our fashion sector just  to be Unique and build my own customers.
Just like great Fashion Guys like Fashion King, Yaro, Big Boy And Others but I think the kind of customer I want would be totally different from theirs, that’s why I named it All In One cos I we sell kids clothes, Ladies wear, Gent wears, Abayas, Janlabias Burning perfumes it’s a kinda family shop.

2. For the investment I can’t put that out it huge investment. Buying all these stuffs from Dubai shipping it a whole lot of investment.

3. Actually we are planning to open only male fashion house we started with that one before this Current one.
It just the kinda location we wanted was so hard to get.
We still pushing for that too.
We want open that one too in wa before we move to other districts.

Source: Upperwestmedia.net

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