UW: Raphius Disclosed How Much he Takes Per Show

Raphius Amigos

Outspoken Upper West Musician who has won several awards in his works has Disclosed how much he charges per show and the conditions attached.

In an interview with Upperwestmedia Team, he Narrated what it takes to charge a show organizer the amount he decides to charge.

“For hiring, I can’t be straight to the point, every show has what you consider before charging, there are shows I can go and perform for free, there are people that have Invested in my career in a way, let’s say if Hon. Albany Bagbin should call on me to perform at his event, I can’t charge him because he has invested in my brand to a certain level so I have to be loyal, if it’s a normal show it will depend, I have a range I don’t go below, I charge higher than any artiste in Upper West, let’s assume we are to go for sponsorship, I’ll get more sponsorship than any other artiste, that is why I was able to organize my own show at the National Theatre but what I do is that I consider the individual involved before charging..”

He used Mayweather as a reference in his career indicating that some people we see in his show do not pay to enjoy the program, he continued that Mayweather doesn’t charge certian fans to entertain them, he added that he can’t charge certian people to perform but he didn’t disclose exactly the amount he charges to perform at shows.

Raphius has released hit songs such as Lilaafi, Boinbuora, Beautiful Enemy, Bayiri Jombie, Dogori and many others.

Source: Upperwestmedia.net

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