Motorbikes in Wa

Some dealers in Brand New Motorbikes have explained why prices of bikes aren’t reducing despite the fall in the dollar rate and other international currencies.

Speaking to Upperwestmedia Team on prices, a dealer with Bina Woo Company ltd in Wa indicated that As at the time they imported their bikes, the rate of the dollar was high and as a result, prices can only drop when all of such bikes are sold out, he added that prices are determined in the headquarters, Tamale and as a result what ever the main distributor says is what they go by.

He concluded that the rate of the dollar in the past weeks has affected prices and resulting in the head Office not operating for some time in Tamale.

The Rate of a dollar to cedis is currently 1:8 per Checks at Access Bank and Bank of Ghana’s Exchange Rate.

Meanwhile checks Revealed that a brand new Haojue 110-3 motorbike goes for Ghc15,300 in Wa.

Some Dealers in Town have expressed worry with low sales of bikes during the Christmas and New year season.



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