Wa Malik Jabir Stadium

The Upper West Regional Division II Middle League has made headlines with its outstanding financial success. Despite the challenges posed by the economy pandemic, the competition has managed to amass over GHC 10,000.00 in gate proceeds.
The league, which features some of the most promising young footballers from the Upper West Region, has been a huge hit with fans and supporters. From the opening match to the final whistle, thousands of people have turned out to support their favorite teams and cheer on the players.
The league, which featured six clubs battling it out for the championship title, proved to be a significant draw for football enthusiasts in the region.
Out of the impressive amount collected, more than GHC 2,000.00 was utilized to cover essential expenses including security measures, ticket collectors’ fees, stationery costs, and stadium maintenance.
The total gate proceeds of GHC 10,103 resulted in seven shares, with each party initially receiving GHC 1,236.
However, the clubs were required to return GHC 200 each for the maintenance of damaged water closets at the stadium, while the RFA retained its full share, making it the largest beneficiary of the gate proceeds.
The Middle League format featured each club competing in a total of five matches.
With three matches scheduled for each match day, spectators were treated to a thrilling experience, and to enhance convenience, they were provided with a single ticket granting them access to all three games.
This arrangement allowed fans to fully immerse themselves in the excitement and closely follow the progress of their favorite teams.
After a series of intense matches and captivating displays of skill, Wa Power SC emerged as the champions of the Middle League.

Source: Maami Lizzi Sports TV

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