Fulani Herdsman

The leadership of the Sanwie electoral area led by the Chief Naa Babazoravi Batuuro, the Tendaana Mr. Dakurah Asuma , Batuuro Cornelius Assembly member for the area and Mr. Zaato Jonas the Unit Committee Chairman have issues and signed a document banning the activities of Fulani herdsmen in the Sanwie Electoral area.

Per the statement, their actions is borne on the fact that Fulani herdsmen are engaged in nefarious activities, hence their decision to ban them from any part of the Sanwie electoral area. A document authored by the leadership in the electoral area has been copied to Several heads of departments in the Jirapa municipality including the MCE.

According to them, their actions are based on a vote by 80 community members including 15 women during what they described as “Saawie Community Wide General Meeting ” held on the 3rd of June, 2023 and was unanimously sanctioned by the Tindaana, three opinion leaders, the Assemblyman, Unit Committee Chairman and a former Assemblyman.

According to the statement, the chief of the community a cattle owner Mr Amadu Bayivielle engaged the Fulani herdsmen in the community who in return is terrorizing the one peace community.

The statement has gone further to give the herdsmen a three month grace period to evacuate from the community to be aided by the Chief and the said cattle owner to avoid possible confrontations with the youth of the area.

Source: Info Radio

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