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Residents of Sanzie of the Eggu Electoral Area in the Wa West District have bemoaned the inadequate sources of potable water in their community.

According to the residents, two communities, Sanzie and Bori depend on one borehole which they have drilled between the two communities.

They said that one borehole is insufficient for the communities and creates a lot of congestion and also waste their precious time which affects their economics and social activities.

Speaking to Info Radio at the community, Mr. Ezekiel Maaloo, a resident, said women fight among themselves before they can get water, at times they will go to farm late which also leads to low productivity.

Mr. Samson Batuuro, another resident said the one borehole is what the animals in the communities also depend on, causing confusion between the animal owners and women.

He thus appeals to the government to construct dam for the community to mitigate the water situation.

Source: Richard Banoebuuri

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