Residents of Varempere, a farming community in the Wa West District of the Upper West Region have expressed joy over the rehabilitation of their community roads under the Transport Sector Improvement Project (TSIP).

The Assembly Member for Varempere Electoral Area Mr Nicholas D. Gyirikar speaking to Info Radio about their improved roads expressed gratitude to the European Union and the government of Ghana for rehabilitating their roads for easy accessibility of other adjoining communities in the area by residents.

According to the Assembly Member, some roads are fully rehabilitated and others still under construction

Mr Gyirikar disclosed that the already constructed roads in his electoral area includes the Piisie-Domawa-Salamana-Boro roads .

The Varempere Assembly Member also indicated that Piisie- Losie- Bongbre to Salimana and Boro are also on the 3.8 kilometres road yet to be constructed.

According to the Varempere assembly member, the improved roads will give residents and farmers the opportunity to easily transport their farm produce from their farms to their houses and to market centers.

Source: Info Radio

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