Alhaji Daudi Yahaya (right), Upper West Regional Football Association President

The Upper West Regional Football Association has issued a counter statement few days after allegations were rife that the Association was sabotaging a football club called Sombo Freedom Stars.

The Purported Statement was in Circulation on Social Media Platforms.

Statement from Sombo Freedom Stars

UWRFA is trying their possible best to see the down fall of Sombo freedom I spoke about this issue 4 weeks ago.

Even my own people thought I was just insinuating. Now, Biyad, UWRFA Chairman, when money speaks Humanity listen.

Third Gentleman of the land want to sponsor the upcoming middle league,

so the only appreciation UWRFA Chairman can give:

To let EXPO play in the middle league by all cost.

Hon Alban S.K. Bagbin

Statement from Upper West Regional Football Association

Reference the heading above , the Upper West Regional Football Association writes to distance itself from a viral social media post on the Facebook page of Sombo Freedom Stars against the Association and the Rt. Hon. Speaker Alban SK Bagbin.

In the said allegation posted by Sombo Freedom Stars on Facebook, the club desperately accused the Upper West RFA Chairman and it’s stakeholders of manipulating the system to favour Exponential FC, an affiliate club from the Nadowli-Kaleo District

According to Sombo Freedom Stars, the RFA Chairman is bent on securing a middle league spot for Exponential FC at the expense of Sombo Freedom Stars because of a non-existent sponsorship package from the Rt Hon Speaker of Parliament, Alban SK Bagbin.

As the highest governing body for football in the Upper West Region, the RFA distances itself from such ill-mannered, malicious and baseless post by Sombo Freedom Stars and caution all other football club administrators in the region to desist from such malicious social media commentary.

The RFA Chairman and UWRFA categorically deny ever having discussed or spoken to the Rt Hon Speaker of Parliament on this matter or any at all.

The Regional FA doesn’t determine who qualifies for the middle league outside the performance of the clubs at the group stages.

The RFA only organizes league competitions for the clubs to play and then use the results of the matches to determine who qualifies for the next stage of the competition based on what was agreed at Congress. How does the Chairman determine who qualifies for the middle in this situation?

The Rt. Hon. Speaker Alban SK Bagbin has no say in who qualifies to the middle league as he has no special interest in any club other than the development of football in the region and can’t be wrongly accused by an affiliate club because a club participating in the competition comes from his constituency.

By this communique, the RFA is cautioning all affiliate clubs to desist from propagating wild and unsubstantiated accusation against the persona of Rt. Hon. Speaker Alban SK Bagbin or any other stakeholder as erring clubs will be made to face the wrath of the RFA and the Ghana Football Association at large. Good morning. Please insert after paragraph 4 the following:

The UWRFA does implore Sombo Freedom Stars to pull down the post immediately and to retract and render an unqualified apology to the Rt Hon Speaker of Parliament within 48 hours or suffer the consequences of their action.


RFA Chairman

Alhaji DS Yahaya



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