Justin Kantavooro Yelevielbayire

An Engineer from the Upper West Region has expressed worry with how contracts are Awarded in Region.

In an interview with Upperwestmedia Team, Ing Justin Kantavuuro Yelvielbayire pointed out his displeasure with the fact that people who have no knowledge in Civil Engineering are awarded Road contracts, lowering the standards of our roads, he blamed that on the lack of quality and value for money in road contracts executed in the region.

“I’m pleading with Authorities, our roads and buildings should be fixed by Engineers, we can’t get the best if we keep awarding such road contracts to just anybody, award the contract to the right people, if they fail, let’s jail them”.

He pointed at a road leading to Dan Ibu international School indicating substandard work was done on the road.

“Let’s have a look at the road leading to Dan Ibu International School, the contract was awarded and the road was constructed, in less than six months the road became deplorable, if we draft the names of Contractors on roads, it will go a long way to improve our road Infrastucture by influencing contractors to do the right thing”.

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Source: Upperwestmedia.net

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