Airport Road Wa

Some individuals and road users in Wa have expressed worry over the high rate of road accident incidences around the Wa Airstrip curve.

Speaking to Info Radio News Team, Mr. Mohammed Issah, a road user, explained that most of the accident cases on the Wa Airstrip curve is due to over speeding by some drivers and riders, though the area is dangerous.

Mr. Tameem Yahaya, another road user, also said that the sharp nature of the road curve at Airstrip area is a major contributing factor to the regular occurrence accidents in the area.

He further advised users of the road especially, the youth to drive or ride slowly and carefully when using the road.

Mr. Musah Yakubu said the portion of the road lacks effective road signs, thus calling for the mounting of effective road warning signs to caution users of the road.

Some residents of the Airstrip residential area said not any three days pass without them recording an incident of cars or motorbikes veering of the road, a minor clash to devastating collisions.

The road users called for a design of the road to avert possible and future carnages.

Source: Info Radio

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