President Akufo-Addo with Chiefs

The Paramount Chief of Sankana Traditional Area Naa Pagraninge Saakoe II has called for Government to shift it’s Attention towards the Tourism sector in Upper West Region in Order to maximize revenue generation.

He urged stakeholders to Build Museums in the Region.

He spoke about the Development at the the Cultural Week Celebration Held at the Wa Jubilee Park.


“Government should work closely with
traditional authorities to research, document, conserve, manage and
promote positive traits of the culture of their communities so as to bring to
the fore the full range of Ghana’s cultural heritage. This should be
characterized by historic and sacred sites, museum collections and other
material objects, festivals, water bodies, landscape, as well as intangible resources and other components of the historic environment.”

Government should also facilitate the development and promotion of
archaeological and historic sites, national and community festivals, and
various classes of artifacts, in addition to tourist infrastructure to support the tourist industry. Whilst urging government on the need for holistic Cultural Education, I urge the Media (Radio and Television) to magnify their airwaves in the promotion or tne upper West Cultural heritage

Hon. Regional Minister, considering the relevancy of culture and tradition In national development, there had been some ratification of Conventions on culture by UNESCO namely; Convention of World cultural and natural heritage, 1972, Convention on safeguarding of the intangible cultural heritage 2002, Convention the protection and promotion of the Convention on the protection and promotion or the underwater cultural heritage, 2001. I must therefore add that the initiative to revisit our cultural heritage as a people or the diversity of cultural expressions, 2005 and Upper west Region must be uphold and natured through the preservation and promotion of our cultural folks, storytellIng, speaking of local languages, Cultural dance, artist, crafts among other cultural heritages of the region.

Hon. Municipal Chief Executive, Colleague chiefs, Religlous Leaders, the Security Service present, Representatives of Political Parties, Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), the Media, Ladies and Gentlemen, as Traditional rulers (chiefs), we provide leadership and serve as rich embodiments of our culture, traditions and customs in order to maintain peaceful coexistence as chiefs and people of common identity. As part of our enviable leadership roles and symbols of our cultural identity for unity and national development, we wll continue to promote the culture In our Traditional areas.

Namine/Kuore, Pognamine/Hala Kuore, as stakeholders for the preservation and revival of our culture and Traditional, we all owe it a duty by ensuring unity among one another through the promotion of our culture, understanding of the values of cultural diversity, trust, tolerance, confidence building, negotiation, mediation, dialogue and reconcillation for national development irrespective of one’s ethnic) religion or political affiliation.

In conclusion, generally, the extinction of our cultural heritage of the Region should be seen as a serious threat to the peace of the Region because, Cuiture is an embodiment of peace and unlty, on this note, I accept to Chair the programme and call on you all assembled here to Support me steer the affairs of thls function to the desired end.

Thank you, God bless you, God bless Ghana.


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