The Trainee Nurse is recovering from stigma

The final year Midwifery student of Nalerigu Nursing and Midwifery Training College, Mohammed Lubabatu who threatened to kill patients in a recent TikTok video says she is seriously facing stigma among her colleagues and other tutors making it difficult for her to cope with academic activities.

The student who was seen in the video lamenting that her family forced her into the profession and thus the threat to kill patients is worried her best friends and other tutors of the school have deserted her since the incident.

She tells Onua News’ Northern Regional Correspondent, Christopher Amoako, the ordeal she has to endure since the unintended content of the went viral.

“I’ve faced stigma from even some of the tutors. Which I myself I always go to the senior tutors to report to them for what’s happening.

“And my close friends too I was expecting them to come to me and sympathise with me so those that came I took them as the friends that I’m having for now.

“It has affected my academic work. Sometimes I’ll be in class and they will call me out to come and answer some questions,” she stated.

Source: Onua FM

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