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Dear Admin, as a young man, I enjoyed foreplay so much that I switched girls like sim cards on a daily basis, you know our girls, they love what every other girl loves, no sense of direction, I was that fair guy who visited the gym to keep the body slim and firm.

I met some girls at that same gym Center and it wasn’t surprising that some came there to search for fresh guys to hang out with, I got hold of one and we exchanged contacts, she was a student and looking chubby, I imagined grinding this product in the doggy mode and it really would be great, I thought.

I called her at night and went straight to the point, I told her we could meet at DeansGate and break some bones, she agreed and met me there, we had a long chat and I told her my intentions.

“.. You’re such a cute girl and I think we need to get to know ourselves better at my abode, hope you’ll love to play with me..”.

She agreed to my game but on a condition that I felt was ambiguous, she demanded for a tongue massage down there.

I contemplated for a while but due to the libido level at that time, I decided to give inn because I took some Viagra along for self defense.

We went home and she had a nice shower, I did too and after which she laid down on my couch waiting, I got in and picked her up, sent her into my room and we started the game, i promised to fulfill my pledge to her after I finish getting all my babies into her, after sometime I was done and down after some 4 rounds, she showered and I did too, we went licking and afterwards I went inn to brush, I did and went into my hall and slept off, by 5am I went inn to to check on her so we could get going before 6am, I met a shocker when I tried waking her up, I tapped her for about 10 seconds no reaction, I thought she went deep into sleep so I tested her pulse through her hand, nothing!.

I called a nurse friend and by 5:25 he came inn to check on her and told me she had passed out, I picked up her bag to check her phone and in the process, I saw an inhaler, empty!, The girl was asthmatic but I didn’t know!.

This generated more issues and I was advised by my friend to make a statement at the police station, we went and I did, the body was conveyed with an ambulance after police visited the scene, her phone was taken and her sim card was removed and kept in a different phone because her’s was locked.

We found her mom’s contact and she was briefed about the issue through the Police, she travelled up from Central Region and I had to foot the bills of her Accommodation together with her husband.

The case was being prepared for Court, my parents also had to come inn, we pleaded that the issue be settled out of court and my parents suggested they would do anything possible to sort issues out.

Their family agreed on a condition that I had to pay the full bride price of their late daughter and foot the bills of her funeral.

That was where my love for Accommodating women at home got me. Such a Coincidence.

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