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Dear Admin, As the Saying goes according to the Majority Leader of Parliament, the Youth are lazy and only looking for shortcuts to success.

I engaged this girl at my MoMo shop in a Section of Wa, I’m a Teacher and I have other Businesses, I went to her community which is closed to Kagu in the Wa Municipality to bring her to town, I left my Mobile money business in her care and the total money left in her care was Ghc10,500.

At a Point I was told several stories about her and how she wasn’t serious with my business, absenting herself from work and all that so I called her three days ago to enquire on why she hasn’t been punctual to work lately.

She picked up the call and told me she was ill and has been admitted at a private hospital in Kpaguri Residential Area so I visited the facility to check up on her, Upon checking up on her, I realized she needed some little time to rest, I demanded that she hands over the money and phone to me to continue the mobile money business on her behalf whilst she recovers, she handed over the phone to me and on checking the balance I realized what was in the Sim card wasn’t up to Ghc20, I asked where the money was and I was told she kept it in a locker and left everything in the house.

I went to where she stays and upon opening the locker, I only found some wretched 1 cedis notes in the locker.

I went back to the hospital out of haste and upon getting there, I told her i couldn’t find the money so she volunteered to accompany me to the house in order to get it, upon sitting on my motorbike, she slipped and fell on the ground, we picked her up, called a cub and took her to the Upper West Regional Hospital where a friend nurse admitted her, the nurse tried putting a drip in her and she resisted, I was later briefed by my friend that the lady was pretending, meanwhile, when she fell at the health facility in Kpaguri I picked up her phone and kept hold of it.

I went home leaving her in the Upper West Hospital, I went through her phone and in one of her Auto Recorded voices, a man was overhead speaking to her in an Audio, in the Audio, the man told her “.. Young girl, if you don’t pick my calls regularly the gods will deny you the money we agreed Upon, so always pick my calls and follow what I say”.

At that point I suspected the Lady Used my Money for money doubling deals.

I have since sent her back to her parents but I’ll like the public to know that I had the intention of helping this girl from a very average background but she failed herself.

Our Parents have a lot of Home Training to do with regards to youth Upbringing, raising a child is not just about providing clothes, food and shelter.

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