Shea Trees in Upper West

Mr Alex Lanbon, the Finance and Administration Manger of the Ghana Red Cross Society (GRCS) has said the Shea is the “cocoa of the North” with huge economic value and should be properly cared for hereof.

He said this during the launch of the GRCS “Pan-Africa Tree Planting and Care” project in Wa. He indicated that the economic worth of Shea trees can be valued much as, or even over, the worth of cocoa.

Shear Butter

He therefore could not fathom why cocoa was not fell in the south for charcoal but rather the Shea and Dawadawa from the north.

Mr Lanbon said the Shea butter produced from the tree goes beyond consumption as food into medicine and the manufacturing industries.

He noted that the Shea butter is proven over the ages to be a strong healing product and presently known to be the best cosmetic ingredient.

He therefore urged people of the Upper West Region and the northern territories where the tree grows to take conscious care of the trees.

He said the trees should even be spread against pest and protected against fire. He emphasized that tree cutting should be completely avoided.

The chief of Biihee, Biihee Naa, Naa Jaafar Naatasung Pelpuo, pledging support for the project, has indicated his willingness to make available land for the tree planting exercise.

The tree planting project will be carried out in 15 communities in 3 districts of the region with each community planting 1000 multipurpose economic trees.

Source: Info Radio

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