Sissala Chief Suleman Abdul(Basawula Tantou III)

A Sissala Chief from the Upper West Region by name Bassawullah Tantuo III Of Badagebati Babins Gate in Jefissi has revealed some of his experiences he has gathered as a rider who travels long distances for work and fan.

Speaking to Upper West Media Team in an engagement, he indicated that whilst he was traveling on one faithful evening, he encountered some robbers on the Streets but opted not to disclose the exact location.

Bassawullah Tantuo III Of Badagebati Babins Gate in Jefissi continued that during his approach, he was stopped by the armed men and as a gentleman, he heeded to their call and stopped, he Concluded that the robbers questioned where he was going and after disclosing, they admitted he was brave and hailed his confidence.

“… Sometimes I encounter a lot when traveling on a motorcycle, one of those times when I was traveling, I met some armed men and they stopped me, we had a smooth conversation after which they asked me to leave, I was asked where I was heading to and I answered..”

He added that they didn’t take anything from him but instead he gave them something for the ‘boys’ but couldn’t question their decision to robb on the road after which he left the scenes.

He used to travel for about 794km from his hometown Jefissi to Accra.


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