Sankana Naa Pagiraninge Mornah Saakoe II at Naa Sidiki Bomi II Park

The Paramount Chief of Sankana Traditional Area Naa Pagiraninge Mornah Saakoe II has expressed concern with how Woved materials are named after politicians in the Upper West Region, according to the Chief, such Developments have effect on Branding and Marketing.

He advised against the Development calling for stakeholders to get reliable historical and cultural names for smock materials rather than resorting to political names.

“Government should work closely with
traditional authorities to research, document, conserve, manage and
promote positive traits of the culture of their communities so as to bring to
the fore the full range of Ghana’s cultural heritage. This should be characterized by historic and sacred sites, museum collections and other material objects, festivals, water bodies, landscape, as well as intangible resources and other components of the historic environment.”

He made the statement at the Upper West Cultural Week Celebration Held at the Sidiki Bomi II Park some weeks ago during an exhibition Exercise after a lady introduced a smock material to him as ‘Samira Bawumia’.

A Staff of Upper West Cultural Centre, Mr. Seidu Bomison Jnr. Supported the chiefs statement adding that such names Shouldn’t be encouraged.



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