Upper West Regional Minister Dr. Bin Salih Hafiz with The Roads Minister, Mr. Amoako Attah

Today I wrote an open letter to the regional minister on this post. Take a read below.

Dear Dr. Bin Salih Hafiz,

I hope this short post meets you hale and hearty. You know in principle i will not want to discuss some internal issues in the public domain, but given this is a very popular public interest issue, i have chosen to say this using the liberty of social media and audience.

Myself and you have come a long way as far back as 2005 when we first met. You were then gunning for the regional youth organizer and we were all in the so called ‘Alhaji Short’ camp. Those days were quite tough for our group against ‘Saaka Gyier’ and Sahanun of blessed memory when the latter was in the position you occupied now and the former the regional Chairman during the JAK tenure. We had a popular joint, Taliban Camp in Wa we all used to sit together with a few elders such as John Donkor, Soldier, etc etc.

I remember in 2006 when myself and you visited the Interior Minister,Hon Ambrose Dery at the RCC when he was then the UW Regional Minister. How times flies and how destiny could turn out that today you are sitting in that same office and chair he sat on whilst you and i were at the opposite end of the table. God truly works in mysterious ways and that certainly adds flavour to your popular saying you like so much “Which of the favours of Allah will you deny”.

I have provided this backdrop to the most unsuspecting reader that we have come a long way and that between us is a world of goodwill, mutual respect and comradeship that has stood the test.

Today i want to talk about your post on your Facebook handle talking about sod cutting ceremony for the construction of Tumu – Han road on on 25th May in Tumu. I am told the Vice President will be there to do this sod cutting.

Doc, to be brutally honest with you, the Sissala people are very disappointed and we do not want to be nice about this or garnish it with confetti. Consistently, we have realized governments have taken us for granted especially on the roads issue. When this EU farm access roads matter arose, you gave us a lot of assurances including our Chiefs and youth groups. I ask you today: what has been the end result of these assurances?

Somewhere 2018 or so, when government asked you to submit priority roads you conspicuously left out Sissala areas just as government did for the EU roads. Don’t play innocence here because you should take responsibility for all of this.

I will not take your latest post on our roads as any serious assurance because there is a huge void between promise and fulfillment and you have to deliver to earn our trust.

Until we hear in your speech or the Veep that there is dedicated funding for the supposed road we will not believe you. Don’t take the Sissala People for granted ok. The fact that we are very cool, calm and collected does not connote we cannot rise up to demand our due and rights.

What serious strategic thing have you done in terms of development for us since you were appointed? Oh yes you need to start talking.

Tell us the most strategic developmental issue you have done for our people? Leadership is a serious business and not the daily transactional, operational ceremonial stuff. It is leading a people and taking them on a journey of vision and results.

Please do more and up your game else we are the same people to take you to the cleaners.

Enough said!

Source: Radford FM/Tumu

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