Mr. Saaka Adams is Principal for Wa Technical Institute

The Principal of Wa Technical Institute Mr. Saaka Adams has delivered his father’s day message highlighting on key issues fathers should observe in order to be celebrated more.

In an interview with Sungmaaale 90.5fm, he pointed out instances where some father’s take less time to understand their children and their needs in order to address them.

Father’s Day was observed around Upper West Region on the 19th of May 2022.

“Father’s day is a day set aside not only in Ghana but world wide,to appreciate father’s efforts in keeping the family, for the past decade, we don’t take father’s day serious as in recent times, I’m sure people are Beginning to know the role of parents, Fathers in the society, so today, all my platforms, i have seen the messages expressing father’s day to me, groups, Individual platforms, father’s, mothers, people are showing concern. I saw a WhatsApp platform where they were debating, two young ladies on father’s day and Mother’s day, what interested me was that one of them who was speaking for the mother’s day Indicated that the child will stay in the mother’s womb for 9 months and another defending the father said the father will take care of the mother for 9 months, so I was very interested in the platform, it was very good, it means they have placed more importance to father’s day than the mother’s day. I’ll tell parents and guardians that, the children that we have seen are our future leaders because of that in my school every Friday of every month is declared as father’s and mother’s day I have assigned each student to a staff, so during that day you sit with the student to enquire and know their special problems, you know sometimes some of the children will have special problem but they won’t be able to tell you the problems, and sometimes parents in the house, fathers in the house don’t have time to find out what they actually needed, so this particular day is set aside for parents and fathers to find out from their children what is actually their problem, find out their potentials, find out their issues, sometimes some students are very timid,they have problems but they don’t want to voice it out, the moment you get closer to the child the child will tell you father this is my problem, that is what Children especially those in upper west don’t do, in the morning the father will get up, bath, take tea in the house, sometimes you have to take the tea with the children to show that kind of love but they go out to the station there take their big tea with their big bread, plenty eggs and leaving the children in the house so this day is set aside for father’s to get closer to their children, get to know their problems, they’ll tell you their problems.”


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