Mr. Tahiru Lukman, CEO of Ideapath Consult

The Overseer of Ideapath Consult, Tahiru Lukman has noted with dismay that 2 districts in Upper West have dominated his survey with some of their resident abusing mentally unstable women sexually.

Mental health according to him is a major component of universal health coverage. Despite the growing recognition of mental care, Ghana’s commitment to improving mental health care leaves much to desire.

In the Upper West Region, mental health care accessibility is a big issue.
Although there has been an increase in mental awareness, number of psychiatric nurses, there is an upsurge in the number of terminally ill persons roaming the streets of the major towns of the Upper West Region including Wa and Jirapa which is very worrying.

This has equally led to an increase in pressure on the Bahass Foundation. The Bahass Foundation for close to two decades has been providing support services to the terminal ill such as hot meals, medical care, occasional bathing and changing of clothes and among others in the Upper West Region.

Source: Tahiru Lukman

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