The Waali/Dagaare Language has become one of the National Languages spoken in a wide area within the Northern Belt of the Country.

Dagaare is Spoken in Several Towns outside Upper West Region Including Sawla, Tuna, Bole, Banda Nkwanta, Techiman, Bamboi, Damango, Wenchi and Sunyani.

It’s Taught in Schools after being Approved by Ghana Education Service over a decade ago.

These are some unethical words used amongst the youth Today as Jargons.
Stakeholders Including teachers have been urged to ensure these words are eradicated in the Society.

Firstly, Jubilē Daana: this word is used to describe an individual with low levelled Intelligence Quotient or mentally unstable person.

2. E Saanye Be: a Term that defines how nonserious a person is.

3. A baah33 Nuo: A Statement that is mostly used to praise the handwork of  Someone who has prepared a nice meal, it’s also used to exaggerate Creativity prowess of one in order to impress them(faking).

4. A Gali Y3n: it’s used to define a state where one begins to overreact in a situation. It’s defines one as mentally unstable.

5. Danga La: It’s a word that that defines a situation as hallow, in this regard the term is used on someone people believed to be mendacious or exaggerating.

6. Ju Jaay3n: the term defines a situation where on cannot think normally or is not of sound mind. This happens when the individual is on drugs.

7. Yaawa La: This is a situation where people behave nonchallant of things they do and the consequences, it motivated people to act without factoring consequences into their actions.


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