Sung-Suma was Evicted Together with Eastern Region’s Afriyie

Wendy Sungsuma was Upper West Regional Representative of Ghana’s Most Beautiful before Her Eviction.

She was evicted on 17th of September 2023 after Series of Decisions by Panelists of Of the Program.

Sung-Suma Polled 44,100 Votes on the Night and was ranked third out of 9 Contestants.

She was also the viewers choice on the Night and Was Evicted Alongside Afriyie of the The Eastern Region who Polled 40,520 Votes.

Several People have reacted to Decisions of the Judges Today after the Eviction Took Place and these are the Comments Below:


Festy Lasty

“Last week sungsuma was the most eloquent I’m really heart I’m very very heart I wish I couldn’t have watched this episode”

Kelly Maame Serwah

“This really hurt seeing Sung Suma being evicted. Well, it’s a competition.”

Erickson MK

“Sung-suma out!?

This TV3 Ghana money incubator venture, ..hmmmm

The very day they swindled WEDAGAH with the 2021 GMB title, i immediately quit investing my emotions, resources and deep attention on this easy-fetching-money dam christened GMB.

I have consistently asked why none of the judges comes from the Northern Ghana!?

Aren’t equally competent and capable women from the Northern Ghana who can sit in as judges?

Why are certain judges made permanent!?

Why can’t there be rotation of the judges!? Utter fraud, selectivity and favouritism!

…. pray for God’s mercy!”

Pedro Adams

“Tv3 and GMB I don’t think we will be willing to come next year Ungrateful beings Aba votes 3r position”

Princess Hami Sungsuma

“So dey can’t even save her for once!”

Abudi Martin

“The is like they made a mistake maybe is not sungsuma they wanted to remove we the people of upper west we need to do something we have to go for our money i hope am saying the truth”.

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Source: Upper West Media App

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