Wendy Sung-Suma was Evicted

Wendy Sung-Suma was Evicted on 17th September 2022 together with Eastern Region’s Afriyie after A Decision was made by Panelists of the show.

These are some of the Issues we observed.

According to Mercy Mborah’s Observation, Sungsuma was last(9th) during the day alongside Afriyie and Hand a little over 37,000 so she believes there was a cut of time to impress the judges with votes along the day. “am told they have a cut off time for voting even though she 3rd on the app and still going home but I personally think they judges could have saved her looking at her performance too”.

This means anytime we represent our Region In Future, let’s not Alway wait for the dying seconds to take Action.

Secondly, According to Eric Zivan
Patronage of the beauty pageant show may decline in coming years if fairness isn’t attached to Decision making in the competition.
“TV3 Ghana, Time will come some regions will stop representing for GMB not bcos they feel they must be winners but because they keep getting unfair evictions.
Tv3 Ghana For making Ghana weep for Sung Suma and Afriyie tonight, take note of my words.”

Thirdly, Royal Support from home, during the times Sung Suma came home to canvass for votes she was welcomed by some youth without some rich cultural and traditional embracement. People give you the needed attention and respect based on the Calibre of People that welcome you home and the kind of treatment you receive, most of our royal setting Including those in the Dafiama Area were not actively involved in Sung Suma’s Story on her way up. Go into the Northern Region, the Royal Support Alone is enough to send a message of Support/Endorsement for their Candidate to Organizers. Nobody Treats an Influencial or a Royal Father’s Child like ‘Shit’.

Fourthly, According to the 48 Laws of Pawer, Law 47 , it’s stated clearly that one should learn when to stop or say goodbye to an activity, a position, or an interest area before I says goodbye to you. “In Victory, Learn When to Stop”.
Upper West Region won the Crown 9 Years ago in 2014 with Abigail Baciara.

Lastly, United Front, We are not used to spending money on collective developmental issues and this is party blamed on culture, lots of people do not celebrate the rich in this part of Upper West Region, some reasons being that “he doesn’t feed me, I don’t go to him begging”.

Some other reasons being that our relatives in the communities will use our hard earned money we give them against us, some to the extend of using it for spiritual charms to reduce our incomes and Income sources in order to make us useless.

This has gone a long way to affect our attitude of charity and act of giving. This has also translated to why we don’t contribute. Most importantly some people have questioned what a region will gain from a winner’s Success aside the crown. If successful region could earn some boreholes, a school or health facility, it’ll go a long way to motivate people.

Source: Upper West Media App

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