Sung-Suma was Upper West Regional Representative of GMB-2023

Dear sweetheart, Cookie Tee , kindly help me communicate to Management of TV3 Ghana that, we, the people of the Upper West Region reject, outrightly, the verdict of your judges yesterday, that evicted Sung-Suma.

That verdict is unpopular, fraudulent and tainted with partiality and bias. From her performance from day one to her quantum of votes at the time of the purported eviction, we are convinced, and that is incontrovertible, that she deserves to remain in the show.

The platform and this program is to showcase the culture and tradition of Ghana and dexterity and ingenuity are rewarded but if you decide to shift the focus to “money-making” and a convenient play game, sacrificing the core focus, then, I dare say, you shall have your platform alone but we will tell the whole world how the hitherto revered program which has become a major source of happiness to many families, has become a conduit for making wealth in the expense of unearthing and showcasing talents.

Respectfully, we expect some clarity, without delay, the metrics upon which she was evicted.
Check the records on her performance and votes and eat a humble pie by bringing her back into the show.

We cherish the platform so much and we have contributed to its growth from day one and wish to keep the relationship but not on compromise!!!

If all the calls are unheeded to, some of us will use the rest of the weeks writing articles and making our concerns known to the whole nation.

Do have a blissful day!!!

The Village Boy from DBI

Source: Dennis Andaban

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