Kotia Graduated from University of Education, Winneba with First Class Honors

A Young Graduate of  the University of Education, Winneba, Mr. Abdul Moomin Mohammed Kotia has revealed a life touching story of his past and how it motivated him to persevere through to Success, he indicated that the opinion of people do not necessarily define you, a scenario he released in his statement after he was Suspended from Lassia Tuolu SHS in the Past.

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A True Life Story!!

When I was dispelled from SHS(Lassia), I anticipated so many yelling & have heard lot of discouraging words like “you’re a disappointment, you’re a failure”. it brought a lot of dishonor, shame & perhaps gave my dad so many heartaches yet I couldn’t feel it at that time, My dad moved to every GES office to have me reinstated but to no avail.
Real quick he sent me to a different SHS(Wasec).

On one Monday’s afternoon I quit Wasec within a twinkle of an eye, after I watched him paid fees and other necessities. I scaled down to my mom’s only to tell her I was done with the school and added they’re wasting their resources and that was it end. This broke my dad’s heart & my mom’s mouth wide open. After some few months, my Wassce results came which I wrote with my latter school(Lassia) and luckily I was through regardless but my dad had it ingrained in his head I failed. He didn’t bother to see my results because I stubbornly & stupidly disobeyed his instructions & advices. I can say I felt abandoned because my dad would not speak to me upon seeing me and as for my mom, had moved from our family house to a new apartment at that time and I was left alone at the family house and honestly that was the darkest moments of my life.
I started going through the toils and vicissitudes of life on the streets.

A lot of disparagement, insults, misjudgments and all sort of reviles from my own family members and talk less, outsiders. My mom would hide to give me food & money, unfortunately one day, my dad met me at their then new apartment which I came to take food, I won’t say his words but I haven’t forgotten any but I know it was out agony, I saw my mom cried that day, I became the son of a woman. It was humiliating, heartbreaking and remorseful. God did so wonderful that I run into a fight with my cousin one late night at the family house and his words to me were harsh and someone phoned my dad about it and the words hurt him twice and that’s how my dad came back for me and sent me to my mom and I was apart of the family again.

I was alone without peers and
began realizing my mistakes, I started thinking wild, realizing I had gone far and lost my dreams and I had lost all hope but never did I lost my faith. You know what God can’t do? It doesn’t exist. Right on I was agitating for change against myself, this was tough. Remember I said I already gone far. On one random day on the streets, I was passing and someone called me and I turned to see who, it was a man whom I barely knew at that time. We exchanged pleasantries & after, he showed me where he stays and asked me to bring my Wassce results for him to see and this man is a big bro(cousin). Fast forward I sent to him and his words were “so these are my results and my dad thought I had failed” He gave me some pep talk & I shared tears myself and started blaming myself, this boost my confidence, courage and the “Will power” to do better.

The first change was, I disinterested a lot from
the streets and was trying everything possible to make it up to my family hence, the paradigm shift. He coached me to apply for admission and I got all admissions from the schools I applied which he had already spoken to my dad.

The admissions re-engineered my family and restored their hope. As for me this was my last chance to prove myself, this was the last chance for me rise against all odds. The battle of my life. I was positively jealous of my senior brother’s wins in academia, he was the best in my family and had graduated from Uni with A Second Class(Upper Division) so anything less won’t matter to me and even my fam because the bar was already been raised. This was another reason to prove I was better too just that I made wrong decisions at the primitive stage of my life. “Life In Uni” will be told some other time. Anyone in the university or who has graduated from the university with whatever class knows better what it takes to see the end tunnel and as for the light? I won’t even go there.

Now on the battle field, there’s not a single “ill word” spoken to me have I forgotten and the pain still lingers on my mind, I didn’t get bitter or hated anyone that stigmatized me, but instead I used them as a motivation and a reason to become who I am today. University is the easiest place one can be influenced by peer’s however I managed and escaped all temptations and did make only few friends(not proud) but I had to. I recorded my dad words pleading and promising to touch the sky for me if only I do become a change person and truly he delivered during my stay in Uni. To go further and harder, I developed a personal slogan and here it’s “where I am from in order to be the best, you need to work twice harder” it rings in my head throughout my stay in Uni.

At least I’ve restored all that I took from my family regardless of whatever it took me.
I heard my first & surname all mentioned in the midst of 1000s of people to acknowledge me with respect, honor & prestige which all goes to my family. That is the price for me. Now, not only can I brag about bagging a degree, graduation from the university but I can also brag about attaining the highest honors degree(FIRST CLASS) in academic achievements.

I was raised with humility and this is simple to inspire, give hope and motivate whosoever thought he/she has lost it all. Dreams are like Allah’s mercy, they’re endless. I want to dedicate this and encourage anyone that has been told they can’t make it or achieve it. See I’m testimony today and anything is achievable. Listen not to naysayers. I’m glad & grateful for my life, for God, I’m eternally grateful. Anyone who supported in whatsoever way, thank you.

I’m grateful, certainly I am.

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  1. Definitely a witness to those moments back at lassie bro I am proud of your achievements. Bro u are a fighter let’s fight and fight harder we gonna reach the heavens . ON GOD

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