Tuo De Kuu

A Spiritual Woman who works as a Bone Specialist and Midwife has urged the youth to be weary of what they Eat lately.

In an interview with Upper West Media Team, Madam Tuo De Kuu stated that it’s safe to eat what you know and not what is made available to you, she continued by defending that foods like fruits, TZ, Local Rice play an important role is our culture and way of life.

She kicked against modern foods explaining that they are the cause of our weak health situations we find ourselves lately.

The Bone Specialist is Based in Balawa, a Community in the Wa West District of Upper West Region.

To get there you’ll need to board a tricycle from Wa to Dignafuro through Kpongu.

She called for Support from Sympathizers to build some rooms in order to continue her works. Currently she charges 3 bags of Cement for treatment yet some people fail to provide them.

Source: Upperwestmedia.net

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