Suspected Terrorist was spotted in Senyere within Savannah Region


A Man dressed in an isolated manner has been spotted in a section of Sawla-Tuna-Kalba District located fewinthe Savannah Region days ago.

According to Witnesses who captured the Man in the bushes of Senyeri and nakwabi areas, they believe the man who looked different from regular Residents is likey to be a terrorist.

Per information Gathered around Gyindabuo and it’s surrounding Communities, two young men went into the bushes and found a man carrying load whilst most parts of his body was covered, he was captured in a video by the two boys, the boys returned home but didn’t disclose it till some of their colleague saw a WhatsApp video of some alleged Terrorists slaughtering a man, the development triggered a conversation and in the process the two boys revealed they also saw a man In the bush similar to those slaughtering a victim of assault in the video.

The issue was afterwards reported to some political party executives and elders of Gyindabuo and Tuna, a report was also forwarded to the National Security per reports gathered in Gyindabuo. The National Security and other security Agencies have since deployed men to Senyere to fish out the suspect, police and military have since been in the area to find the Suspect. The Security Agencies have pledged to use a helicopter to tour the area in order to uncover any form of suspected Development in the area.

Meanwhile in Nahare, a Community close Tuna, a robbery suspect who disclosed he is a Mossi from Burkina Faso has also been arrested for robbing road users at gun point several people have alleged he could also be a Terrorist.

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