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Life is full of unforseen circumstances and secrets, a reason people should reassess themselves before getting into a fettle.

I started dating this particular girl for close to four years now even though she was in a relationship, she came to me because of money, she had lots of family issues and had to support her mom at home even when she wasn’t working, her mother was of the opinion that once she is grown up, she should take care of her and also support the family in other related issues.

According to her, she searched for a well paying job all around but couldn’t succeed in getting one due to the conditions, some mangers wanted to sleep with her but they were married men and she didn’t want to have an affair with a married man.

She came to me because we were mates in school and I was a close friend of hers, I opted to support her with money but I told her we have to be friends with benefits. She agreed so I gave her my ‘over the counter shop’ to mange and I promised to give her Ghc1000 monthly as salary to support her daily life.

Her boyfriend came to thank me and was excited about their achievements and financial freedom meanwhile on Friday and Saturday, she comes to spend the day with me.

The week ends were fine by me because I knew she’ll also have to spend some time with her boyfriend.

One faithful day, she told me she was to get married in a month ahead and added that we couldn’t continue with our usual foreplay afterwards and added that she was pregnant and I was responsible. That news confused me so we had to think of what to do because the pregnancy was about 3 months old in her, we argued over it and I blamed her for not being extra careful. She took it away and forced it on her yet to be husband.

They married secretly with the pregnancy and she gave Birth to a boy. I was excited about the news and attended the naming ceremony, by then I knew the child was mine.

Few weeks later her boyfriend got a job into the Ghana Immigration Service and as a result she stopped working as a shop attendant.

Her partner established a similar shop for her and she moved inn to continue with her trade.

I’m overwhelmed for them but I’m not happy my child is calling another man daddy, that gives me headache, I think I should act now before it’s too late.

Like the saying goes “a proud heart can survive a general failure because such a failure doesn’t prick it’s pride”.

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