UW: The Big Men are Not Helping – CEO of BAHASS Foundation mentions names

Chief Executive Officer of BAHASS Foundation, Mr. Yussif Baba

The Chief Executive Officer of BAHASS Foundation, Mr. Yussif Baba has expressed worry with the stunted rate of Support they receive from Well to do entrepeneurs and individuals in the Upper West Region.

Explaining his foundation’s ordeal to Morris Banaanwine of Radio Waa, he outlined instances where people sing praises about the work they do but do not give out Support in the form of Cash.

“Some of our people do not support, the society is incomprehensible, lots of people admire the work we do but they don’t support”

He also referred to instances where some high Ranking Business men and women give little tokens that do not last enough.

“The leaders in this Region keep hailing our efforts but do not release enough money to support our foundation, people with empathy for our works are however Supporting, I have not encountered any rich man that has donated their used clothes to support the mentally deranged, I have seen low income earning people supporting us more, if I visit most of these Business men in the market, the much they can do is to give Ghc50 or Ghc100 because of that I have taken a decision not to go to them”.

He commended Organizations for Supporting BAHASS Foundation.

“Organizations like the National lottery Authority came to support me, an NDC Group by name SOMNET came to support me for up to three times, some other Organizations have also Expressed exasperation with our works but admitted that what we do is not in line with their mission and vision, Health way foundation headed by Madam Reyana Bin Salih has also been supportive, I have friends on Facebook I have never seen before but they support with donations”.

Source: Upperwestmedia.net

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