Hon. Masahudu Adam, Assembly Man for Kambali Electoral Area and a Nurse

A Public Health Nurse, Mr. Masahudu Adam, has stated that some people are scared of injections because we have created a negative image about the health service.

He added that we force people to take injections and when that happens it creates a psychological impression that injections are bad.

He made this statement when he was questioned on why the patronage of the covid vaccines was low.

“To inject a patient there are methodologies to follow, if I’m to disclose it someone may rush for a needle to try it, People fear injection and medications because of how we raise our children, for Instance if you want to give a child medicine such as paracetamol, why should you hold the child tight and force the medicine into the child’s mouth, it means what you are to give to the child isn’t good per your actions, this gives the child the impression that what you are to give to them is bad, so our actions before giving a child medicine counts, it’s same with injections, you’ve not gotten to the child yet you show the injection needle to the child, it creates fear, when a person is to receive an injection you don’t need to hold them it gives them post traumatic stress disorder”.

Source: Upperwestmedia.net

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