Today’s Dust has resulted is several health complications on people is some parts of Nadowli, Jirapa and Wa per Checks carried out by Upper West Media Team.

The Development has resulted in several people going for nose masks to escape the complications that will result in riding and facing the dry air.

Some Geographical Expects have arrived answers to some of the causes and time duration for the Developments.

APHELION PHENOMENON, the Earth will be further from the Sun.
Aphelion is the term used when the Earth is at its furthest point from the sun. This phenomenon has become a concern since the circulation of information related to the relationship between the aphelion phenomenon as the cause of coughs and colds.

Prof. Husin Alatas, Professor of IPB University in Theoretical Physics as well as a lecturer in Complex Systems Physics at the Physics Undergraduate Study Program (S1) explained scientifically to verify the circulating news.
We cannot see the phenomenon, but WE CAN feel its impact.  This will last until March.
We will have cold weather, MORE THAN THE COLD WEATHER EVER, which will have an impact on flu, cough, difficulty breathing, etc.

We must increase immunity by consuming many vitamins and supplements to strengthen it.
The distance from Earth to the Sun is 5 light minutes or 90,000,000 km.  The Aphelion phenomenon takes us 152,000,000 km away from the sun, that is, 66% further away.

   The air will be colder, our body is not used to this temperature, the difference is great.
We must keep our health conditions to the maximum, it does not matter if it is cloudy or sunny, the increase in cold will feel the same.


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