Grinding Mill

A Decade ago, being a corn miller was a big time business in most parts of Ghana Including the Upper West Region.

The Manpower Machines dependent on Fuel were dominant in Communities before those depending on electricity come later.

Grinding Mills supported lots of homes till today, TZ and Banku were Major foods that depended on grinding Mills because maize had to be converted to floor, not just maize only, millet wasn’t left out.

To convert maize or millet to floor, some Women had to resort to protocols because queues were long and everyone had to get theirs Grinded.

Apart from long queues, paying for services was another issue for women, some could resort to paying in kind sometimes, it will enthuse you that some women produced children out of such circumstances, every season has it’s demands.

People lost their girlfriends to millers few decades ago, some were sharing their partners with millers because some of these millers could tell some women to ‘keep the money’.

A little kindness draws favors closer. Those were the principles of some millers decades ago. A long moment of harmonious and Horrendous experiences some people won’t forget in a long time.

Some concern millers make not less than Ghc200 in a Day but Fufu Pounding machines have dominated lately.



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